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Last week, I had the pleasure of trying out the latest business venture of my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Christine McDannell. Walking into ecoChateau is like discovering a hidden oasis among the rows of drab office buildings of Mission Valley.

While there, I tried out their infrared sauna, sweated a ton, and felt incredible afterward. They sent me home with 4 days’ worth of organic green juice to drink on an empty stomach in the morning and before lunch and dinner to continue my body’s cleansing. I own a juicer and hate all the mess of keeping it clean, so having organic juice at just $10 for a 32 oz container works great for me!

Infrared saunas, and their close cousin, the detox footbath, have their share of naysayers that think they aren’t doing much for the body. Personally, I use these treatments as a nice add-on to enhance the diet, exercise and cleansing program I design for myself and my clients. Does infrared work? I like to base my results on how I feel.

After leaving the infrared spa, I initially had a slight headache from being dehydrated from all my sweating, but then continued drinking more water and the headache quickly went away. Then, while driving home, I felt happy and energized. It felt similar to a runner’s high.

To come fully prepared, I’d recommend wearing light, comfortable clothes and bringing a reusable water bottle that they can fill for you before and after your sauna time. If I were to improve the experience even more, I would love it if ecoChateau added a small shower to the private sauna room.

To learn more, I sat down with Christine for an interview about ecoChateau. Scroll down to read a transcript of the interview or click here to listen to an audio clip from the interview.

Here’s what I found out:

  • San Diego Health Nut: Christine, I would love to hear what got you started with this new venture. I know you as the Eco-friendly Cleanology business, then you had a social media business. Every [business] has been a success. What started you with this third?
  • Christine McDannell: Thank you – actually, this is my seventh venture, and all prior six are still in business. I essentially see something missing in the marketplace, and I want to start it. A lot of wellness centers are very dated, not luxurious. I wanted to take wellness and infuse luxury in it. Especially with Colon Hydrotherapy. It’s very clinical, it’s not luxurious – but I knew I could make it that way.
  • SDHN: You say that’s now your most popular treatment? Is the clientele more women than men?
  • CM: Yeah, I would say about 90% women and 10% male.
  • SDHN: What would you say to men out there who may not have considered something like this before?
  • CM It’s amazing, especially people into fitness. The men that come in are very fit, they’re military. It’s a great way to take care of your body from the inside out.
  • SDHN: That’s how I see these wellness procedures – not vain and pampering, but helping my machine work more efficiently so that I can have more fun when I’m out there.
  • CM: Exactly. We focus on detox vs beauty. We do have a few beauty services like waxing, but the majority like ion foot detox, ion cleanse, sauna, colon generic cialis india hydrotherapy – they’re all detoxing.
  • SDHN: This juice looks awesome too.
  • CM: Chef E, she’s a local organic chef here in San Diego, she delivers it fresh to our spa 3-4 days per week. It has all your power greens: kale, collard, chard, spinach, and some apple to take out the bitterness. Everyone’s surprised it tastes good.
    Yeah, I’ll buy something like this at the farmer’s market, so it’s awesome you can get a whole 32-ounce jug for $10. It’s all organic, no preservatives… So, I just finished a 40-minute infrared spa treatment. Can you tell me how this is different from a usual dry sauna?
  • CM: The infrared penetrates your body on a deeper level. It puts it into almost a fever-state, and it Generic cialis cheap speeds up its metabolism and sweat rate.
  • SDHN: I was drenched after 15 minutes. I was thinking about in a traditional sauna, they’ll say, “please limit to 15 minutes”.
  • CM: Right, because those are 160-170F, whereas these are 130F roughly, so you can stay in it longer. I don’t like to say it heats you from the inside out, but that’s kind of how it works.
  • SDHN: I’ve heard about how doing saunas are good if you have a cold; you’re helping your body sweat out toxins the way you would if you had a fever, but you don’t have to be sick to get healthy.
  • CM: Exactly. I had someone who came in with a horrible flu, and he literally emailed me 3 hours later saying “oh my gosh, I’m fine…”
  • SDHN: The infrared is heating your body up for you so you don’t have to use your own energy to heat it when you have a fever.
  • CM: Yes, and everyone says they have the most amazing night’s sleep. Your skin will be so soft too, it just opens everything up.
  • SDHN: You said you started ecoChateau to fill a need in the industry. What about you personally? Do you feel like you’re a fan of these treatments?
  • CM: Oh, so much so that I canceled my health insurance. I don’t know if that’s the smartest, but – I was spending all this money every month, I didn’t use it, I don’t believe in pharmaceutical companies, they’re a big racket – maybe I’m going too far off the cliff now. But being in this environment, changing my diet, drinking green drink; I have energy, I’m healthier, it’s awesome.
  • SDHN: You definitely believe in it then.
  • CM: Yeah, maybe too much! But it’s been huge. I was definitely a junk food eater and didn’t really – especially when you’re young, you think it’s fine; but over time, it breaks your body down.
  • SDHN: For those of you who don’t know Christine, she’s 32. What got you back on track to being super healthy like you are now?
  • CM: Being in this environment.
  • SDHN: It wasn’t prior to starting the business?
  • CM: No! It was all being in this environment.
  • SDHN: Anything else to add?
  • CM: I just love all the phone calls, emails, and Yelp reviews of how we’re actually making a difference in peoples’ lives and their health. I’ve never gotten calls like that – it just makes my day.

If you’d like to give ecoChateau a try, become a San Diego HealthNut coaching client and we’ll throw in a FREE infrared sauna session to help give your healthy lifestyle change an added boost!

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2 thoughts on “Relax and Detox at Eco Chateau”

  1. Hello! I enjoyed reading your review of EcoChateu. I’m going there today to get my infrared sauna treatment then going home with the juice. Did you exercise while you were on the juice cleanse? That’s the one thing I’m worried about since I’m pretty actice doing CrossFit 3-4 times per week plus training for my 15K. thanks!


    1. Hey Danielle, thanks for your comment. I never did the full juice cleanse but just drank it as part of a daily cleanse. I’m a CrossFitter as well and have been wanting to start a new website specifically for nutrition and wellness tips for our community. If you’d like, I could make some recommendations for you based on what your goals are.

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