Protect yourself from the harmful electronic pollution of EMF

10 Tips for Minimizing EMF Exposure and Improving Your Health

Protect yourself from the harmful electronic pollution of EMF
EMF is the 2nd-hand smoke of the 2000's

Did you hear the wive’s tale that cell phones may cause cancer? One author on health and wellness actually developed a tumor on her ear, the same ear she had her cell phone constantly pressed up to. But to live and work in modern society, you can’t really avoid it, can you?

One of my new favorite books, Zapped, is by the same wellness author who overcame the tumor on her ear. The book has a series of tips in the epilogue that I think are a great list of things that we can all do to finally find balance in an unbalanced world:

  1. Don’t use your cell phone as an alarm clock at night. Consider an old-fashioned battery alarm clock instead.
  2. During the day, keep your cell phone away from your body as much as possible. Use the speaker mode when talking and don’t carry your cell phone in your bra, back pocket, or anywhere else on your person.
  3. Replace your cordless phones with a corded landline phone. Even when not in use, the charger is constantly emitting radiation.
  4. Turn off your wireless router whenever it is not in use and definitely at night. It radiates for nearly 600 feet.
  5. Keep your laptop off your lap. Who wants to radiate their reproductive organs?
  6. Unplug electrical appliances when not in use. They are still emitting electricity.
  7. Keep electronic equipment out of your bedroom. Remember, you need to have a safe haven to regenerate, especially during sleep.
  8. Only have CT scans and X-rays when absolutely necessary. This kind of radiation is cumulative.
  9. Keep your babies and children safe by removing all electronic games, equipment, and monitors from their bedrooms. Remember, little human beings, due to their size and thinner skulls, are way more vulnerable to EMFs than adults are.
  10. Fortify your body with the superfoods and supplements mentioned in the last couple chapters of the Zapped book. One simple thing the book mentions is to add to your daily regimen a breakfast shake that has a base of healthy whey protein shake made from pure, grass-fed non-denatured and unheated whey.

Which one of these steps are you going to take first to get yourself back in balance and safeguarded from all the harmful EMF we’re being bombarded with? программа анонимайзер подробности Анонимайзер

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